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Al Amal Hospital is located adjacent to the Central Market of Hamad Town in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This medical infrastructure provides secondary health care to the residents residing in the Hamad Town, Buri, Zallaq, Isa Town, Riffa, A’Ali and Sitra area which mean it covers 90,000 persons of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Mr. V.P. Mohammed Ali

Today the healthcare segment is not restricted to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses alone. At AL AMAL Hospital, we believe that each AL AMAL Dr`s/ specialist’s life revolves around touching, healing and empowering the immensely precious lives of our patients and patrons. And this definitely doesn’t stop at the doors of the hospital but extends into the patient’s life itself to get deeply entrenched therein.
We branched out into the specialty services segment not only to award ourselves an opportunity to enhance the quality of human life, but also to quench the medical fraternity’s deep urge of imparting quality services and facilitating quick recoveries of the indisposed. Our Staff and our values are our twin greatest assets. Also, we have a sharp focus on our business fundamentals. And, to helm it all, our management always keeps in mind the whims, needs and fancies of the future generations.
Our vision, understandably, is to develop a best in-class healthcare delivery system doggedly engaged in providing excellent patient care in an ethical and transparent manner. The healthcare sector remains on the cusp of rapid change and uncertainty. Thus, in endeavouring to chart its own course with fortitude, experience and foresight, thanks to our vision and values, AL AMAL HOSPITAL has every reason to optimistically face the future with élan.

Vice Chairman

Mr. M. K. Sivadasan

On behalf of the management and staff of Al Amal Hospital, I acknowledge the support rendered to us all these years. We are known for excellence in care in many specialities including Cardiology, ENT , Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Pediatrics , Orthopedics and many more. Our commitment is towards providing quality healthcare with international standards in an atmosphere of compassion, to all the residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We are equipped with an outstanding medical team with a wealth of experience and invaluable knowledge . With the aid of our cutting edge technology, we are diligently committed to provide the best and the most comprehensive healthcare. A worthy focus for all of us at Al Amal is to showcase our strengths that make us special in an indelible way. Our positive impact will surely give a new dimension to clinical practices and will set a new paradigm for modern healthcare.

Our medical team strive to deliver excellent support and care for every patient .Our commitment and rectitude has won our customers’ trust all these years. I hope that your experience with us will also be the same and looking forward to associate with you.


Ms. Nirmala Sivadasan

Al Amal hospital is one of the most credible health care providers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Over the years it has become a significant conglomerate with manifold assets in this island country. At Al Amal Hospital, our approach to healthcare is moulded by one powerful truth- Life is precious, life is Priceless. The significance we have for the marvel of human life instigates us to broaden our frontiers to the utmost possible.

Our hospital is equipped with futuristic medical equipments and offers sophisticated medical facilities to the customers. We dispense pre eminent patient centered care with the aid of an excellent multidisciplinary team of doctors with prowess in the diagnosis, treatment , prevention and recovery of various ailments. From the philanthropic perspective , we fulfill a crucial social role in the society that make our establishment feasible. By showing compassion and gregariousness, we build a vigorous and long lasting relationship that are beyond value.

In the present scenario, the need for a high quality health care that is easily accessible and economical is important. We have grown to be one of the best health care service providers in this country over the past few years. We will strive to continue to be an organization of reliance and a beacon of trust to all our customers .

At this point , I would like to welcome all opportunities to collaborate with the Bahrain Government on initiatives which would further the objectives of ensuring international health care facilities for Bahrain’s citizens.

Our mission is to provide quality health care to all and this single thrust has helped us to achieve excellence in our domain.

I sincerely request your continued support and understanding.


Dr. Newton Edward Dhas

Al Amal Hospital has become one of the specialised private healthcare institutions in the Kingdom of
Bahrain, owing to nearly 14 years of providing quality healthcare and winning the confidence of
patients. Accredited by the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), AAH`s mission has
remained focused on improving our community’s health and quality of life, by introducing specialist
from various fields to provide compassionate care to the patients who visit our facility.
This resulted in making our hospital one of the recommended hospital’s in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
AAH was established by a group of eminent Indian entrepreneurs with a decades`experience in
establishing healthcare facilities in the GCC region. Their vision to reach out to the community who
requires access to specialised healthcare-systems is evident as on today at our facility. Our doctors
are carefully chosen from the community due to their clinical excellence in their respected fields. Our
nurses are also highly trained and served the community for many years. We are proud to say that we
are among the specialised hospitals to offer safe and quality care to all our patients at affordable
prices. Our top priority in continuous medical training and updation of the latest evidence based
practises which enhances our medical team to deliver the highest level of care to all our esteemed

our mission

“ To provide compassionate health care of the highest quality at an affordable cost to all patients. ”

Al Amal hospital is a comprehensive medical centre in The Kingdom of Bahrain with a gamut of facilities incorporating state of the art technology, types of equipment and expertise. This modern hospital is designed to facilitate patients comfort, ease of check-in and check out at an affordable cost.

Core Value

We seek always to create
& deliver value for you.

Our mission

To provide compassionate health care of the highest quality at an affordable cost to all patients.

Our Vision

Al Amal Hospital aims to get itself developed into one of the best health care institutions in Bahrain in which specialists from diverse fields, think and work as a unit, for the improved care of the sick, giving adequate importance to the training and continual education.


The fundamental values which form the foundation of Al Amal Hospital and its affiliated clinics are



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