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Emergency department

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Emergency department is dedicated to provide care to critically ill patients who are at their most vulnerable state of health (critical or life threatening conditions or injuries). A high level of patient privacy and comfort creates a caring warm atmosphere.

Al-Amal Hospital’s Emergency Department provides the following services for best patient care:

  • Emergency medical services given by well-qualified emergency physicians, nurses and paramedics, and different specialty on call consultants). Our emergency physicians treat a full spectrum of patients with emergency needs through innovative, collaborative and compassionate care to ensure the highest medical standards in the delivery of Emergency care.
  • The emergency department at Al-Amal hospital is open 24/7 providing a wide range of high quality services.
  • Emergency transportation from home to hospital and to other hospitals when needed. Our ambulances equipped to the maximum standards with emergency equipment such as oxygen, monitors, syringe pumps and emergency drugs. Expert paramedics accompany the ambulances and are trained to provide necessary emergency pre-hospital treatment 24/7.
  • Our facility includes a nursing station surrounded by patient rooms, dedicated areas for resuscitation and a variety of specialty patient areas. Also, comprehensive-service procedure room with equipment such as a, and so on is available.
  • The ER department is linked to advanced diagnostic technologies such as laboratories and radiology departments to provide a full spectrum of emergency care services.
  • Minor surgery room and Full equipped operation theatre are also available.